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Power Washing

Outward appearances matter!
powerwashing services


If your kitchen is a huge mess, or well on its way to becoming one, AFS offers heavy duty cleaning procedures that will leave it looking shiny and new! No stain is too deep, no sticky surface to dirty when AFS is on the case. These services are extended to the outside of your business as well, including power washing for siding, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways and whatever else might come to mind!

AFS specialize in cleaning concrete. We are a full-service pressure washing company.

Our fully trained technicians use state of the art equipment and chemical 100% Bio-Degradable We clean a wide variety of surfaces. Frequency is based on your budget and often is considered based on your volume of patrons coming in and out of your establishment.

If your business doesn't look well maintained on the outside, it won't feel well maintained on the inside. We offer power washing of a variety of surfaces including but not limited to:



If you have to walk by dirt, gum, and even trash on your way to a business, you won't want to come back. We can clean your sidewalks, attracting more customers and making the outside of your business look spotless.

powerwashing sidewalks


powerwashing drive thrus

Drive Thrus - Driveways - Parking Lots

Drive thrus, driveways and parking lots are easily forgotten about, but with all of the cars and foot traffic making use of them each and every day, they shouldn't be ignored.

These surfaces are difficult to keep looking nice due to the variety and volume of use cases they experience. Advanced Fire and Safety's concrete power wash services can get your surfaces looking good as new.


Dumpster Areas

Most businesses don't think about cleaning the area around your dumpsters, as it's a place for your garbage. However, the area around your dumpster requires a lot of maintenance to keep the outside of your business from smelling like the trash it takes out and prevent unnecessary build up of residues and pests.

powerwashing dumpster areas

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