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Kitchen Exhaust Installation

We design installations so future service and maintenance are more cost effective.

Kitchen Exhaust Installations

Hire AFS because we understand how to do both, hood installations and cleaning. Our Advantage is getting them both built and cleaned, because we understand the whole system.

Our knowledgeable staff will keep your kitchen up to code for both safety and cleanliness with regular inspections. This will ensure your equipment is working properly daily, and safe for not only employee usage, but for your customers as well.

At AFS we offer hood solutions for your restaurant that fit your business exact needs. Choose from options with or without fire suppression systems, exhaust hoods, commercial kitchen ventilation, concession truck hood systems or a custom hood that supports your business' needs. If you are looking to install a new restaurant exhaust hood or are simply replacing existing restaurant hoods, Advanced Fire & Safety wants to be your partner in the decision making process.

Our professionals have a great deal of experience guiding you through the process of exhaust hood and hood component selection, as well as installation for your foodservice business. Advanced Fire Safety can fully meet your kitchen ventilation needs at competitive prices.


Your Requirements and Plan

First, we meet to discuss your vision and needs for your kitchen space. Our professionals come to your location for an on-site consultation to decide the best layout and equipment line to use to meet your goals.

We then determine exact size and design. Your budget plays a role in this as well, which is kept in mind every step of the way.

grease duct maintenance


kitchen exhaust hood essentials

Hood Essentials

The range hoods above your cooktop are absolutely essential for any commercial kitchen, not only for your employees' benefit but as a Health and Safety Inspection requirement. Range hoods prevent exhaust fumes, smoke, grease vapor, moisture and heat from spreading to the rest of the building and is a point of inspection for your local Fire Marshal.

Advanced Fire & Safety offers stainless steel kitchen hoods with exhaust fans, ductwork and filters in a wide variety of configurations. We have both the technical knowledge and the experience to install hoods of any size for your facility. We clearly explain to our clients what must be done to ensure the byproducts of their kitchen don't linger or cause any issues in their establishment.


Drawings and Permits

We can take care of all the required paperwork in your installation process, including architectural drawings, engineer stamps, and help you obtain applicable permits for the project at hand.

This insures a timely installation and keeps your business goals on schedule.

kitchen exhaust installation permits


commercial kitchen installation and hood cleaning


At AFS we install and clean essential elements of any commercial kitchen. From including the hoods to grease ducts, and fan on your roof.

We've got the knowledge you need to keep your commercial kitchen running clean, safe and professional.


Fabrication and Installation

We can custom fabricate hoods to exact requirements of your precise situation. Whether your application is Pizza Hoods, Make-Up Air Systems, Vapor, Steam Hoods, or Grease Hoods, you will find comfort and quality in the craftsmanship provided.

Our team of experts comes to your site for installation.

custom fabricated hoods by Advanced Fire & Safety


custom ductwork by Advanced Fire & Safety

Ductwork and Fans

Your custom ductwork will be installed to fit and connect your exhaust hood to your exterior fans. We will supply the correct exhaust fans to fit your hood precisely. Installation includes roof or wall curbing.


Duct Access Panel Installation

Let us complete the job correctly with duct access panels and stay in compliance with NFPA 96 standards. This will also allow for cleaning and those hard to reach places.

duct access panel installation by Advanced Fire & Safety


grease containment box installation

Grease Containment Box Installation

Containment systems will help prevent roof damage and prevent OSHA violations.

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